Global Vision Biotech

A high number of companies naturally expands within Europe, then Asia but are more reluctant when it comes to growth in MENA region.

In MENA region, there is a great variation in business culture not only from nation to nation but also within countries too. Partnerships are based on mutual trust and principles. Businesses in the Middle East are therefore built on mutual trust.

Our consultants have been working for the past decade, on expanding companies inside MENA region and behind the region, which allow us to have a huge network.

Mission and Vision

GVB aims to provide a sustainable MENA market access opportunity to Health care /Analytical and Life Science Multinational companies seeking growth in Middle East and North Africa

We offer a new concept of Business Model which provides our partners a quick market access, helps them achieve their business objectives and introduces new products with point of care in MENA region.

Our Team

  • Co backed with more than 30 years of Global Analytical, Life Science and Health care experience in Senior Executive roles within MENA Region and behind
  • Extensive knowledge of a wide spectrum of instruments with technical expertise in Analytical and Life Science Field
  • An established leader and a strategic thinker with a strong track record with experience in building businesses from the ground up to market dominator
  • Exceptionally cognizant of legal , geo-political , and cultural factors associated with doing business across the globe
  • Accomplished professionals, expert in managing multinational companies in the Middle East region
  • Supported by strong marketing, sales, regulatory and finance team
  • High ethical and professional standards