GVB brings together multidisciplinary teams of experts who are enthusiastic about business development and are able to offer our clients cutting-edge professional services to help them succeed as a company.

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Your Business
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We provide our customers with a tailored business model consulting service that guarantees brand awareness, market access, business development, and pricing in order to achieve a competitive edge and control costs.

Your MENA Business and Sales Partner
With pride, Global Vision Biotech confirms that during the first year, our partners’ products are successfully introduced in the MEA region.
Additionally, we have set up demo labs for our partners at dealers’ locations. To strengthen these outcomes GVB have introduced a new business solution for businesses who are already operating in the MENA region and require assistance to grow sales, seize chances, and expand into a specific country
We hold the secret to success while you’ve been looking to make waves in any of the MENA nations.


GVB your partner for business development and Management.

GVB’s excellent relationships with the key players in the local market and its client database, which comprises over 5,000 customers across several industries, allow us to accomplish the following

  • Regional and Geographic Market Analysis
  • Market Segment potential.
  • Customers Target analysis.
  • Projects and Regulations.
  • SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) Analysis
  • Competitors Marketing and Price Strategy
  • Distributors Network Strategy
  • Distributors Market Image and Influence
  • Presence in Different Segments

We can create and customize a campaign based on the product, market potential, cultures, and economic, social and political trends:

  • Customers and Company News Letters
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Seminars with an interactive live demonstration
  • Seminars with mini-workshop.
  • Participation in specialized conferences.
  • Sales Team Motivation Program.

More creative ideas could be implemented depending on the product and services.

GVB is well respected and have sound relationships with the leading dealers offering one of the most successful marketing platforms:

  • MENA region presence in Dubai.
  • Follow up MENA operation process from pre-sales to after sales support.
  • Manage a network of distributors and resellers for product updates, sales trainings, support activities, key customers visits, forecast monitoring and target achievement.
  • Facilitate participation in regional events.
  • Laboratory facilities for application and training.
  • Warehouse at a reasonable price to cover logistic handling, if needed.

Unique business model for MENA region business development

  • MENA region presence in Dubai
  • Develop market strategies for the MENA region
  • Propelled brand recognition in the region
  • Build up network channel partners/dealers 
  • Follow up MENA operation process from pre-sales to after sales support
  • Mediate contract negotiations
  • Facilitate participation in regional events
  • Laboratory facilities for demonstration and training
  • Offer warehouse at reasonable price to cover logistic handling if needed

Defined & Customized Services

  • Develop market strategies for the MENA region
  • Assist in finding and recruiting channel partners
  • Propelled brand recognition in the region
  • Facilitate participation in regional events 
  • Recruit and host staff that will be based in the region in our MENA offices
  • Lab lease facility for Training and Demonstration 
  • Offer warehouse at reasonable price to cover logistic handling if needed

Flexible offering

Defined scope and deliverables consultancy Service based on fixed fee
Defined tasks based on cost plus fees
Continuous long term business development Key Solution based on fixed fee plus result oriented fees